Casino Myths

Every thing which happens in a slot's Random Number Generator is random to the core or in other words it is as humanly randomized as possible. Those streaks are what a mathematician or a statistician calls 'probability fluctuations' that in layman's language could be referred as good luck or sheer hard luck.

Each spin of a reel leads to more or less chance of an outcome that was with the previous spin of reels. However, the slots players are not the only people who harbor these misconceptions, because table games players as well have lots of myths, misconceptions & money suffering ideas when one talks about the games of their choice.

Blackjack myths

A game of Blackjack gets judged bad or good on the basis of rules of a particular casino along with the penetration that the casino provides. Penetration implies how shallowly or how deeply your deaer goes in the shoe or deck before shuffling. Deep penetration normally is considered good and likewise shallow penetration considered bad. So I always recommend to play game that has deep penetration. For cards counters playing as per the penetration could be good, but for basic strategies players it's not considered useful.

Games which are great for cards counters also happen to be all good for various casinos as they deal with a lot more hands & these hands get dealt to the players that don't have any edge on the casino. This in turn translates for huge wins for casinos & conversely loss to the players.

It is advised to look out for games that have poor penetrations but very good rules. Many casinos executives are unaware of the fact that instead of shallow penetration had they offered deeper penetration, it would have helped them make a lot more money. Of course, card counters will get their one percentage of edge but other players who are playing with just one half or 2 percent edge against them will make up definitely for what some card counter can win.

Other myths

There are some other common myths like while you're playing Blackjack, it is always assumed that your dealer is having 10 value card within the hole. If the dealer shows a ten, you think he has got a 20 & accordingly you make the hitting or standing decisions. But this is not a correct way at all. A deck consisting of fifty two cards has sixteen 10 value cards along with thirty six non tens. It is far more possible that dealer has got a non ten within the hole instead of a ten, especially if the up card also happens to be a ten.

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