The main objective of a game of Black jack is quite simple: to get a total that's more than what the dealer has got and at the same time it doesn't cross twenty one. Other players' presence won't change the fact that your actual opponent is just the dealer & not the other players. There are just a few decisions that you ought to make while playing the game. In all the cases, you always should consider your & your dealer's cards. If you cross twenty one you get busted & if you get bust you just lose.

How does the play progresses?

One of those cards gets dealt, faced up for each of the players turn by turn & then finally to their dealer. His card is known as Hole card and it's a faced down card. Then a 2nd card gets dealt that is again faced up for every player. Each of the player gets to decide if he wants to draw furthermore cards. Once all the players complete their hands, dealer then proceeds for drawing cards so as to completing Dealer's hand.

A win is under the following situations:

  • If the total is more than dealer's total.
  • If the dealers crosses twenty one or gets busted.
  • If the total is equal to that of dealer then it is called stand-off. You neither lose nor win.
  • If you cross twenty one, in case dealer's total exceeds yours you lose the game.

These were some of the rules basically remain unchanged immaterial of the fact that you are playing it in an online casino or a real life casino.

Values of cards:

King, Queen and Jack, each of these picture cards are counted as ten points. Ace is counted as either one or eleven point as per the need of the player, while all the remaining cards have got the same face values as their numbers. While playing a game of Blackjack jokers aren't put in use.

So what's a Blackjack?

A Blackjack is actually combining of Ace or any ten or picture cards with the first 2 cards. This pays 1 & half times the bet unless your dealer draws a blackjack too. In that case there will be a standoff, so you won't be winning nor would you be losing it. Dealer plays as per a very strict rule set. He must take next card if the hand totals sixteen or lesser. He also must stand if the hand totals seventeen or more which in other words imply that he could not take more cards.

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