Broadly speaking there are 2 kinds of Roulette- American double 0 and European single 0. According to a player's perspective, European roulettes are somewhat better bet in compared to its American counterpart as its house edge gets reduced owing to a fact that it has a lesser number.

About the game

A roulette game begins from roulette table wherein you would find one spinning wheel along with a betting region. That wheel consists of 37 or 38 slots depending on various variations of Roulette.

It is played with a small spinning ball on that roulette wheel, then the ball comes to full stop in any one of those slots. The goal is for predicting the position of the ball, that where would it land.

Various Kinds

  1. Single zero

    It is commonly known as European Roulette and this wheel has got 37 slots, with 36 numbers along with just 1 zero. House edge gets halved due to the reduction of one number. It is considered the best variant of Roulette.

  2. Double zero

    In and around US this variant is most commonly played Roulette. Its wheel consists of 38 no.s and the presence of an extra 0 actually doubles its house edge. So our suggestion is to always look for single 0 roulette tables if at all it is possible for your own good.

    Roulette playing is as simpler as anything could be with roulette no deposit bonuses. It is like deciding the amount you wish to bet & putting the bet in the roulette rable. With a bet you could pick one no. or along with single chips, cover around eighteen different no.s

    On roulette table there are 8 different kinds of bets available. Each of the bets has different rates of pay off & covers different amount of number. Short horizonal lines of 3 no.s are known as rows in the roulette board, and longer lines that hold the twelve are known as columns. First 5 bets are made either on numbered spaces or in between those lines & they are known as inside bets. Last 3 types are usually made on special boxes underneath & to its left & are known as outside bets.

    Owing to the widely known fact that a numerous betting options are there, we from our end have dedicated one special page for your options & rates of pay off for each of the betting types. As you place the bets, roulette wheel will spin & come to halt in any of those numbered slots. Afterwards according to your bets, a win or a loss is decided.

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